Long Bay was not written in a hurry! It took Patrick Kennedy four years to compile this hard covered book as he was allowed access many times into most parts of 'The Bay.'  He is the only author to be allowed into the separate Forensic Hospital adjacent to the gaol. He grew up next door in Austral Street and his first visit inside the old MRP was when he was a young teenager. He went 'inside' to see where his dad worked as the Chief Nurse. Published by Halstead Press, with the help of a grant from the Royal Australian Historical Society, Long Bay  is a mixture of history and crime. From Tilly Devine to Darcy Dugan, Russell 'Mad Dog' Cox, Peter Schneidas, 'Neddy' Smith and Roger Rogerson Long Bay, home to the underbelly of Australia's criminal world,  covers the gaol from its opening in 1909 until today. Come inside with me...but when you leave please shut the gate!

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Patrick Kennedy inside the old State Penitentiary under the old gallows.

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